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Covid-19 safety procedures & ticket FAQs.

We’re so excited about putting on a great get together for you to enjoy after what has been a tough year. We’re looking forward to celebrating the great beer scene together, as well as all the great food and other producers we all love. However, there is no getting away from the fact that this is still very much a unique environment we’re operating in, so we want to be upfront with everything we’re doing to make sure we’re all as safe as we can possibly be. Keeping everyone safe is our absolute priority.

Keeping everyone safe

We’re working with our venues alongside local councils and licensing bodies to make sure we’re operating safely and within the guidelines as they’re released by the Government. These things include:

  • A full COVID-19 risk assessment on our event layout, experience design and operational plans so we can have a safe beer festival
  • Based on the above there will be strict capacities based on distancing guidelines
  • All staff, exhibitors and volunteers will have specific training in order to keep the environment safe
  • All staff, exhibitors and volunteers will make health declarations
  • There is likely to be some staff in PPE such as door, glass handouts, some service areas and cleaning
  • We encourage people to bring PPE as they see fit to do themselves
  • Queuing and directional signage to ensure everything flows safely and at safe distances
  • Increased rigourising cleaning and sanitizing throughout and between sessions, as well as more toilets and toilet attendants
  • There will be hand washing stations throughout and sanitizer for each service point
  • Advance tickets only, and card payment only
  • Increased entry and exit points to avoid bottlenecks

We’ll keep this list updated and we’ll be sending everyone an email 2 days before the event begins to ensure everyone can enjoy the event safely

Not risking your ticket.

We want to make sure that you know if you buy a ticket and the worst happens that you will not lose your money.


How do new social guidelines, including the rule of six, affect the festival?

Whilst there will be some changes around social gatherings, the announcement recently made by the government is relevant to private gatherings and not licensed events.

However, we will be making sure there are no groups larger than six people seated together from 2+ households.

Any groups larger than six people will be separated onto different tables. We will try and ensure the tables are close by but you must not leave your assigned table for another.

There will also be instances where groups of two people will be sat next to another group of two but there will be at least 1 metre between each other.

What if a lockdown is reinstated and the event can’t happen?

If for whatever reason a second lockdown is implemented and the festival gets cancelled until 2021, your ticket will automatically roll on to ECBF 21  July 16-17 2021. You can also choose to use them in 2022 or at one of our festivals in Birmingham, Bristol or London, or as credit against tickets for Bigfoot festival.

What if I feel unsafe and don’t want to attend anymore?

If you feel uncomfortable with attending there will be a window within which you will be able to transfer you ticket to a future event, as above

What if I feel ill or have to self-isolate?

If you are in any way feeling ill with symptoms of coronavirus or have been told to self isolate you must not, under any circumstances, come to the event. Under these circumstances, you will be able to claim a refund by contacting us via our Contact Us form before the start of your session.

We’d hope that puts everyone’s mind at rest that buying a ticket means you’ll be able to come and enjoy a great festival with us later this year.