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Barrel & Wheel

Barrel & Wheel – Wine & Cheese bar, presented by Gentleman’s Collection & 19 Crimes

Discover the Barrel & Wheel bar at Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival, a wine and cheese pairing bar that provides an enticing change of pace, atmosphere and product to the rest of the festival. Grab a table, pull up a chair and let our bar folk serve you a complimentary tasting flight from official wine partners, Gentleman’s Collection and 19 Crimes – paired wonderfully with some fantastic cheese from Britain’s finest producers.  And to either work up an appetite or work off the cheese, stay for a couple of rounds of Shuffleboard – the perfect game with drink in hand. Whether you like it rough and ready like 19 Crimes or enjoy the finer, more Gentlemanly things in life, you’re sure to find something to enjoy at Barrel & Wheel.


Introducing: 19 Crimes range of red wines

Nineteen crimes turned criminals into colonists. Upon conviction, British rogues, guilty of at least one of the 19 crimes, were sentenced to live in Australia, rather than death. This punishment by ‘transportation’ began in 1788, and for the rough-hewn prisoners who survived the journey, a new world awaited. These wines are borne of the rules they broke and the culture they built.

19 Crimes Red Wine is a full-bodied Australian blend with red berry fruit flavours on the palate, a distinct sweetness for rounded mouth-feel, and vanilla and cedar spices to finish. It’s broodier partner, 19 Crimes The Banished, is an intense Dark Red Blend with dark chocolate, blackberry and forest fruit flavours enhanced with cloves and cinnamon spice.


Introducing: Gentleman’s Collection… with a dash of fortified wine.

Gentleman’s Collection wines are inspired by a true gentleman of the Australian winemaking world; Dr. Henry J Lindeman. An Australian winemaking pioneer, Dr Lindeman set his sights on civilising the hard-drinking men of the Australian colony in the 1800s by introducing them to the enjoyment of a refined drop of wine in place of their usual hard liquor.

Gentleman’s Collection Cabernet Sauvignon is rich in blackcurrant flavours, with a hint of peppermint and a soft structure that makes this wine immediately approachable. Gentleman’s Collection Chardonnay is crisp with peach and nectarine flavours and a hint of toasty oak. Both of these wines include a little ‘something-something’ in the form of a dash of fortified wine, added to create a smooth, rounded finish.


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