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Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival 2017

26th – 28th May, The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh EH6 5NP

The world class beer festival that Edinburgh deserves is here; a celebration of passion, creativity and quality in brewing. Over the last May Bank Holiday weekend, we’re bringing together a specially curated, global gathering of the world’s finest breweries in a one-off festival. The Biscuit Factory – a vast, impressive warehouse –  will play host to this gathering, and we’ll be filling its cavernous industrial spaces with only the most sought after beers and brewers.

This is no normal beer festival. One ticket gives you freedom to discover all the best breweries and beers under one festival roof. No tokens. No hassle, no queues, just good times exploring the hundreds of super special beers being poured.  Beyond that, culinary tour de force, The Pitt, Edinburgh’s best street food market, will create a one-off menu. Lastly, we’ll be putting on live music and DJs from Edinburgh’s best talent.

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Our Brewers

A world class festival, means world class breweries: we’ll be bringing over 25 breweries from Scandinavia, mainland Europe, and the USA, to pour alongside the best from Scotland and the rest of the UK. Each brewery will also be on hand to pour the beers and tell the stories behind their brews.

Our Music

Music has always been a key part of what we do. When it comes to putting on a great event, to make it a truly religious experience, we have our own holy trinity: Beer, Food and Music. That's why we have great bands sharing their eclectic tastes through DJ sets.

"A world class celebration of beer comes to Edinburgh."

Our Food

Beer and food is heavenly - there’s such a range of impactful and stunning flavour in beer and that’s why it works so well with the bold, innovative flavours of street food. We’re collaborating with The Pitt street food market, to create a one-off, beer inspired menu. Prepare your taste buds!


Last Tickets Left...

As expected, we're very close to selling out the event. Very limited Saturday tickets which will go this week. With the amount of world class beer, it is to be expected... but then throw in some artists like Young Fathers, Belle & Sebastian, and some amazing street food too, it was bound to happen.

Edinburgh Craft Beer Festival

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